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Analysis Of The Future Market Development Of Plastic Cap

  With the wide application of plastic sprayer bottle packaging in these fields, a plastic cap is becoming more and more important. As an important link in plastic bottle packaging, plastic cap plays a role in protecting product quality and shaping product personality.

  Plastic caps play two roles, one is aesthetics, and as an integral part of plastic bottle packaging, the small plastic caps play a finishing touch. The second is sealing, which protects the contents, which is also the basic function of the bottle cap. Today, plastic caps that are both thin and easy to open are used in beverage packaging to facilitate consumers and accelerate the development of the beverage industry.

  At present, the competition in the domestic beverage industry is fierce, and many well-known enterprises have turned their attention to the packaging of plastic bottles while improving the quality of their products. To better meet the individual needs of products, beverage companies have made great efforts on plastic caps. Many suppliers have introduced plastic caps with different functions and forms, which can not only meet the needs of products but also bring benefits to end-user companies. With more opportunities to choose from, the status of plastic caps is gradually highlighted.

  Because the tolerance of the bottle mouth is difficult to control to the predetermined range, almost 100% of the hot-filled bottles of the crystalline PET filling and sealing machine are matched with two caps. Since the end of the last century, many companies have tackled key problems and tried to replace them with monolithic covers.


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