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Ningbo Aobang Sprayer Co.,Ltd.

Ningbo Aobang Sprayer Co., Ltd. ( Yuyao Yunda Sprayer Co., Ltd ) was founded in 1999, which is a professional China Treatment Pump Manufacturers and wholesale Plastic Treatment Pump factory. It has accumulated a wealth of research and development experience. And the products are widely used by many major domestic comsmetics company and medicine enterprise and are also exported to the united states,France and Korea,and many other countries and regions,receiving keen appreciations from the customers.we own import一export Authority.

Our company attaches importance to the application of high and new technology, focus on the independent research and development of new technology, new process, committed to providing good products for our customers. We have an engineering technology center, an independent R&D site, and perfect R&D testing equipment, which can meet the daily R&D needs. Through the development of technological innovation activities, we have so far obtained 3 authorized invention patents and 1 utility model patent.

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Treatment Pump Industry Knowledge Extension

Will the spring in the treatment pump rust?
meeting. The treatment pump is a machine that transports liquid or pressurizes the liquid. Many cosmetics have press treatment pumps, and the spring inside will rust, but many cosmetics have protective measures to prevent rusty substances from entering the cosmetics.

What shape of spray will the treatment pump spray
Fan-shaped, circular, and spray-shaped, generally these three types.
Generally, it will not be a completely regular fan shape. From the side, it looks like a fan shape, but it is actually a cone shape, and the cone is fixed at the nozzle.
The spray of aluminum cans or metal cans forms a more regular "fan shape" and the water mist is finer.
The plastic bottle spray adopts the treatment pump of the pressure pump, and the water mist and water droplets formed are large, and the "fan shape" is small and irregular.
For an excellent spray, the treatment pump is very important. If the filling is good water, it must be matched with a good treatment pump to bring out the advantages of the water.

What does the treatment pump do?
The effect of the treatment pump is that the sprayed liquid must be atomized, and the quality requirements of the spray pump are based on the atomization effect. The better the atomization effect, the better the quality standard of the spray pump. The higher, of course, in addition to this, there is a problem of range, the stronger the explosive force, the farther the spray distance will be, and the more powerful the spray will be. Relatively speaking, the atomization effect of the spray pump will be better. Another problem is the spray angle, the working principle of the spray pump, generally, spray pump manufacturers, we all require between 30 degrees and 45 degrees, because only such an angle can focus on the atomization, and the sprayed liquid will become fog and not Powerful, if the angle is too large, the atomization will appear weak and loose, and the fog will turn into water droplets, which will drip weakly, so that the spray will be uneven, and the receptors will not be beautiful when receiving fog.

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