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Ningbo Aobang Sprayer Co., Ltd. ( Yuyao Yunda Sprayer Co., Ltd ) was founded in 1999, which is a professional China Spring Inside Treatment Pump Suppliers and wholesale Spring Inside Treatment Pump factory. It has accumulated a wealth of research and development experience. And the products are widely used by many major domestic comsmetics company and medicine enterprise and are also exported to the united states,France and Korea,and many other countries and regions,receiving keen appreciations from the customers.we own import一export Authority.

Our company attaches importance to the application of high and new technology, focus on the independent research and development of new technology, new process, committed to providing good products for our customers. We have an engineering technology center, an independent R&D site, and perfect R&D testing equipment, which can meet the daily R&D needs. Through the development of technological innovation activities, we have so far obtained 3 authorized invention patents and 1 utility model patent.

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Spring Inside Treatment Pump Industry Knowledge Extension

Analysis on spring inside treatment pump
In contrast to the external pump, the spring inside treatment pump, that is, the spring in the center of the nozzle/pump head is built-in and invisible. It is generally located in the middle of the pump body. The internal spring can directly contact the liquid. Press the pressure channel relative to the external pump. Smaller ones are generally used for health care products such as essential oils, perfumes and skin care water, which are closer to water.

Is it good to use spring inside treatment pump for cosmetics?
1. The use of spring inside treatment pump for cosmetics is more environmentally friendly and can be recycled after use.
2. The sealing performance is very good, and the cosmetic spring inside treatment pump will not let the cosmetics flow out.
3. When users of cosmetic spring inside treatment pump use it, they can better control the dosage, and squeeze as much as they need according to their own needs.
4. Cosmetic spring inside treatment pump is clean and hygienic, avoiding the breeding of bacteria due to long-term use of cosmetics.
In short, the cosmetic spring inside treatment pump has many advantages, bringing great convenience to consumers, making consumers use cosmetics cleaner and more hygienic, and avoiding the danger of bacteria breeding due to long-term use.

Passivation and anti-rust method of spring parts of spring inside treatment pump
1. For degreasing and cleaning, use stainless steel quick cleaning agent to soak for about 3 minutes at room temperature.
2. Wash the residual potion with tap water.
3. Passivation treatment, use stainless steel environmental protection passivation solution ID3000-1 normal temperature stock solution, soak for 15 minutes.
4. Clean the residual passivation solution with tap water.
5. For neutralization treatment, use 1-3% NaOH solution to soak at room temperature for 1-3 minutes, then rinse with water.
6. Finally dry and pack.

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