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Ningbo Aobang Sprayer Co.,Ltd.

Ningbo Aobang Sprayer Co., Ltd. ( Yuyao Yunda Sprayer Co., Ltd ) was founded in 1999, which is a professional China Hair Sprayer Suppliers and wholesale Hair Sprayer factory. It has accumulated a wealth of research and development experience. And the products are widely used by many major domestic comsmetics company and medicine enterprise and are also exported to the united states,France and Korea,and many other countries and regions,receiving keen appreciations from the customers.we own import一export Authority.

Our company attaches importance to the application of high and new technology, focus on the independent research and development of new technology, new process, committed to providing good products for our customers. We have an engineering technology center, an independent R&D site, and perfect R&D testing equipment, which can meet the daily R&D needs. Through the development of technological innovation activities, we have so far obtained 3 authorized invention patents and 1 utility model patent.

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Hair Sprayer Industry Knowledge Extension

How to clean hair sprayer
Here are the steps to clean the hair sprayer bottle:
Empty the remaining product in the bottle.
Fill the bottle with warm water and a drop of dish soap.
Close the bottle and shake well for a minute or so.
Empty the soapy water and rinse the bottle several times with clean water.
Leave the bottle open to air dry or pat dry with a clean towel.
Note: For stubborn buildup or stains, you may want to soak the bottle overnight in a mixture of warm water and vinegar.

What to do if the hair sprayer can't spray out
There are several reasons why the hairspray does not come out:
1. The nozzle of the spray bottle is clogged.
The key channel through which the spray bottle can spray mist is the nozzle of the spray bottle. Moreover, the nozzle of the spray bottle is composed of a plurality of extremely small holes. If the liquid in the spray bottle contains a certain amount of solid particles, these solid particles will inevitably be blocked in the spray bottle during the spraying process. Nozzle of spray bottle. This has directly caused the occurrence of the phenomenon that the spray bottle cannot spray mist.
Solution: Open the spray bottle, clean the nozzle of the spray bottle, and make the small holes of the nozzle of the spray bottle unobstructed again.
Second, there is a problem with the airtightness of the spray bottle, causing the pressure in the bottle to fail to meet the spray requirements.
The reason why the spray bottle can spray is that a high-pressure system is formed in the spray bottle, and the higher pressure in the bottle makes the liquid in the bottle spray out in the form of mist. The key to ensuring that a high-pressure system can be formed inside the spray bottle is the airtightness of the spray bottle. If there is a problem with the airtightness of the spray bottle, the pressure inside the bottle will be the same as that of the outside world, and then the phenomenon of being unable to spray will occur.
Solution: Open the spray bottle, check the bottle body and gasket of the spray bottle, and replace the damaged device.
Under normal circumstances, the cause of the leaky airtightness of the spray bottle is the damage of the gasket, and the bottle body will not be damaged.

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