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Ningbo Aobang Sprayer Co., Ltd. ( Yuyao Yunda Sprayer Co., Ltd ) was founded in 1999, which is a professional China Cylindrical Sprayer Bottle Suppliers and wholesale Cylindrical Sprayer Bottle factory. It has accumulated a wealth of research and development experience. And the products are widely used by many major domestic comsmetics company and medicine enterprise and are also exported to the united states,France and Korea,and many other countries and regions,receiving keen appreciations from the customers.we own import一export Authority.

Our company attaches importance to the application of high and new technology, focus on the independent research and development of new technology, new process, committed to providing good products for our customers. We have an engineering technology center, an independent R&D site, and perfect R&D testing equipment, which can meet the daily R&D needs. Through the development of technological innovation activities, we have so far obtained 3 authorized invention patents and 1 utility model patent.

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Cylindrical Sprayer Bottle Industry Knowledge Extension

Why does the cylindrical sprayer bottle spray out a water column?
There are two possibilities for this situation.
One is that there is a problem with the nozzle holes of the cylindrical sprayer bottle, that is, there are small nozzle holes, but due to material deformation, or rupture, or various wear or accidents, the small nozzle holes may become smaller. It becomes a large nozzle hole, because the interval between the isolation nozzle holes is relatively thin, and it may become larger after melting, so that the water mist that comes out becomes a water column.
There is also a possibility that the toner has changed, and some molecular structures have been combined together, causing the molecular structure to become larger. The nozzle holes of the cylindrical sprayer bottle cannot pass through normally, resulting in the sprayed toner being linked together outside the nozzle holes, forming water column.
To judge which one it is, just change it to a sprayer bottle. Compared with the better quality sprayer bottle, check whether it is still a water column. If it is, it is a problem with the toner. If not, it is a problem with the sprayer bottle. For the problem, it can be dealt with accordingly.

Attention to the use of cylindrical sprayer bottle
When using cylindrical sprayer bottle, also pay attention to cleanliness. After each use, the nozzle should be cleaned in time to prevent the residual liquid from going moldy and deteriorating. When using cylindrical sprayer bottle, pay attention to safety, use the correct liquid, clean the nozzle in time, and correct operation method in order to obtain the best use effect.

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