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How To Choose A Lotion Pump?

  The plastic sprayer bottle pump head is widely used in daily chemical products. Although the plastic bottle pump head is insignificant, the cost of the entire plastic bottle is the highest and the most difficult is the research and development of the pump head. The development of the pump head is more difficult than the development of the bottle. Therefore, many manufacturers are now reluctant to make pump heads, and the market is stagnant, so the price of pump heads is often more expensive than that of bottles. So, the editor will talk to you about how to choose a lotion pump around the topic of the pump head.

  First of all, we need to understand the quality of the pump head to see if the pump head can be pressed smoothly without jamming and whether it has a good user experience. There are also some cheaper pump heads on the market, but the quality of their pump heads is also uneven, some will always be blocked, and there will be a clicking sound at the same time, these are the problems of quality.

  Ningbo Aobang Sprayer Co.,ltd. As a responsible company, we do not recommend production and use, and we also refuse to produce products with poor quality; we are committed to building a high-end industry brand.

  At the same time, the price of the plastic pump head is also determined according to the material. Do many customers like to ask how much the pump head of this material costs per gram? However, the prices of lotion pump heads of different materials and specifications are different. Therefore, if customers want a specific quotation, they need to give us specific parameters to get a more accurate quotation.


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