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How To Remove The Perfume Pump

  1. Take off the outer cover of the perfume bottle, then unplug the perfume pump, while placing the perfume bottle on a horizontal surface, pull the nozzle straight up with your finger, and put the nozzle aside when you pop it out, if you don't want them to be used For decorative purposes, please discard the cap and nozzle, this step is for standard sprayer tops, plug style perfume tops do not have a nozzle, since you usually apply fragrance on yourself, you can just skip cleaning the bottle.

  2. Cut off the plastic valve, loosen the metal around the neck of the perfume bottle, check the top of the perfume, and use a knife or sharp scissors to cut off any plastic, wrap the plastic around the metal where the top is attached to the bottle, discard the plastic, and gently, Using the blade of a knife around the base of the exposed metal connector, pry the metal up to the top of the bottle until it starts to loosen, being careful not to apply too much pressure on the thin glass neck of the bottle as this can cause the bottle to shatter.

  3. Use needle-nose pliers to remove the metal around the neck, hold the perfume bottle firmly with one hand, and with the other hand, grab the loose metal with the other hand, apply slight pressure, and pull the metal straight up Until the perfume bottle falls off, be careful not to spill any remaining perfume in the bottle when pulling the metal connection, discard the metal connector in the trash.

  4. Rinse the perfume bottle and crimp perfume pump with hot tap water, open the sink, make the water flow gently rather than fast, fill the perfume bottle with hot tap water and then pour, repeat this process at least twice, strong water flow may cause splashing and splash throughout The bathroom dissipates the lingering fragrance.


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