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How does Fine Mist Sprayer work?

A Fine Mist Sprayer is a common spray device, typically used to convert a liquid into fine mist-like particles and spray it evenly onto a target surface. Its working principle can basically be divided into the following steps:

1. Liquid storage container: The liquid storage container of the Fine Mist Sprayer is a part used to hold the liquid that needs to be sprayed. This container can be in various shapes and capacities, designed according to different application requirements. In the beauty field, this container is often used to store lotion, perfume or other liquid cosmetics. In the field of cleaning, larger capacity containers may be used to store cleaning agents.
2. Spray pump: The core of Fine Mist Sprayer is the spray pump, which is located at the bottom or top of the liquid storage container and is in direct contact with the liquid. Spray pumps usually consist of one or more pistons, valves and nozzles. When the user presses the spray head or lever, the spray pump starts to work.
3. Liquid suction: The piston in the nozzle moves up and down, creating a negative pressure area, so that the liquid is sucked into the nozzle from the liquid storage container. This process ensures a continuous supply of liquid for spraying operations.
4. Spraying process: Once the liquid is sucked into the nozzle, it enters an area containing the valve and nozzle. These components are responsible for controlling the flow and dispersion of liquids. Typically, liquid is forced through tiny nozzle holes, which are typically tens of microns in diameter. This step disperses the liquid into tiny droplets.
5. Pressure release: When the liquid is forced to disperse through the nozzle hole, the pressure inside the nozzle suddenly decreases, so that the liquid droplets are ejected at high speed. These droplets form a mist spray that covers the target surface. This atomization process ensures that the liquid is reduced to tiny particles when sprayed, so large areas can be covered evenly.
6. Spray Uniformity: The Fine Mist Sprayer is designed to ensure an even spray so that the liquid is evenly distributed on the target surface. By controlling the flow rate and spray angle of the liquid, the uniformity of the spray can be adjusted to ensure no large drops or uneven spots form.
7. Nozzle control: Most Fine Mist Sprayers have adjustable nozzles, and users can adjust the intensity and range of the spray according to their needs. This function is very useful for different applications, and users can customize it according to their needs.

18/410 ribbed closure with full overcap fine mist sprayer
Parameter:Dia:18mm  Dosage:0.12ml/t
Description:fine mist sprayer 18/410 ribbed closure with full overcap

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