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How does the Treatment Pump play a role in keeping makeup fresh?

The Treatment Pump is a key packaging technology when it comes to keeping cosmetics fresh. It helps to maintain the freshness of cosmetics in several ways, ensuring that the product remains effective and safe throughout its lifetime.

1. Air isolation:
The Treatment Pump effectively isolates cosmetics from the external environment through its airtight design. This barrier function is critical as oxygen and pollutants are among the main factors that cause cosmetics to fade, deteriorate and lose efficacy. When a product comes into contact with air, chemical reactions can occur, reducing its quality and performance. The sealing system of the Treatment Pump prevents oxygen from entering the container, thus prolonging the life of the cosmetic product.
In addition, the air may contain microorganisms and bacteria that may cause contamination of the product, resulting in safety and sanitation issues. The tightness of the Treatment Pump helps reduce this risk of contamination, making cosmetics safer and more reliable.
2. Reduce pollution:
Treatment Pumps typically come in a single-use pump or spray, which means users don’t need to touch the product with their hands or dip their fingers into the mouth of the bottle. This reduces the possibility of germs and viruses being transmitted to the product through hand contact. Therefore, Treatment Pump helps to maintain product hygiene and purity.
For liquid cosmetics, hand contact can also introduce external impurities such as dirt, oil, or skin cells, which can cause the cosmetic to deteriorate or become unstable. The use of Treatment Pumps avoids this, ensuring product quality and consistency.
3. Precise dosage:
The Treatment Pump is smartly designed to deliver precise doses. This is very important for cosmetics that need to be used in specific amounts, such as skin care products, serums and cosmeceutical products. Users only need to gently press the pump head or twist the spout to ensure that the right amount of product is supplied with each use. This is not only convenient for the user, but also reduces waste, ensuring that every bottle of cosmetics can be fully utilized.
4. To prevent liquid leakage:
Treatment Pumps are usually designed with a good seal, which means that even if the product is accidentally turned upside down or the bottle is facing downwards, the liquid will not easily come out. This helps avoid product waste and unnecessary spills. This property is especially important for liquid cosmetics as they are more susceptible to fluidity.
5. Prevent component separation:
Certain cosmetic products, especially those containing multiple ingredients such as lotions or serums, may separate or settle when left to stand. This results in an uneven product, which affects its performance. The use of the Treatment Pump allows regular pump operation to maintain an even distribution of ingredients, ensuring product consistency and potency when applied.
6. Extend shelf life:
Due to the sealing and anti-pollution properties of the Treatment Pump, it can significantly extend the shelf life of cosmetic products. This is because the product is less affected by external factors such as air, microbes and impurities, thereby maintaining its quality and efficacy. This is especially beneficial for consumers looking to purchase and use products with a longer lifespan.

20/410 smooth closure with small dust cap treatment pump
Parameter:Dia:20mm Dosage:0.12ml/t
Description:20/410 smooth closure with small dust cap treatment pump

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