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How does Treatment Pump technology work in skin care products?

1. Precise dose control:
One of the key roles of Treatment Pump technology in skin care products is to ensure that users receive a precise dose of product every time they use it. A precision-engineered pump system allows for precise mist distribution, preventing waste and ensuring adequate coverage of the desired area of skin with every use. For example, some high-concentration skin care ingredients, such as active ingredients in essences, require very precise dosages. Treatment Pump can provide just the right amount of distribution every time it is used, ensuring that users fully enjoy the effects of skin care products.
2. Prevention of pollution:
The sealed design of the Treatment Pump effectively prevents external air, bacteria or other contaminants from entering the skin care product container. This is critical for products that contain ingredients that are susceptible to contamination or are sensitive to oxidation. For example, certain antioxidants, such as vitamin C, tend to lose activity when exposed to air pollution, and Treatment Pump helps maintain the stability of such ingredients by preventing air from entering the container, ensuring the effectiveness of the product.
3. Extend shelf life:
The use of Treatment Pump in skin care products can effectively extend the shelf life of the product. By reducing the product's contact with the outside environment, Treatment Pump reduces the impact of bacteria and oxygen on skin care products. This is especially important for products with natural ingredients, such as skin care products containing natural plant extracts, as they may be more susceptible to the effects of microorganisms and oxygen.
4. Easy to carry:
The compact design of the Treatment Pump makes skin care products easier to carry. No need to worry about liquid leakage or container breakage, users can take their skin care products with them wherever they go, ensuring convenient skin care on the go or during daily outings. For example, some facial mist products feature a Treatment Pump, allowing users to hydrate and soothe skin at any time of the day.
5. Improve user experience:
The design of the Treatment Pump significantly improves the user's experience during the skin care process. The push-type operation is simple and clear, without the need for complicated opening processes, reducing the complexity of use. Users only need to press lightly to get the desired dose of product, making skin care a more pleasurable and convenient experience. This user-friendly design makes it easier to integrate skin care products into daily life, encouraging users to adhere to healthy skin care habits.

20/410 smooth closure with small dust cap treatment pump
Parameter:Dia:20mm Dosage:0.2±0.01ml/t
Description:20/410 smooth closure with small dust cap treatment pump

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