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Lotion Pump: Is it possible for it to become clogged or stuck?

When using the Lotion Pump, you may sometimes encounter clogging or jamming. This is usually caused by the following reasons.
Using thick lotions or viscous products will make it more difficult for the Lotion Pump to pump and may easily lead to clogging or jamming. Some lotions or cosmetics may have a higher viscosity, making it more difficult to draw the liquid from the container. When pumping is difficult, we may be tempted to increase the applied pressure or pump the pump head quickly, which may exacerbate the risk of clogging. Therefore, before using Lotion Pump, it is best to read the product instructions carefully to ensure that the texture of the lotion is suitable for the pump. Expired or low-quality products can also cause clogs or jams. Lotions tend to become thicker or develop a clumpy substance after they expire. These changes make pumping more difficult and may cause the pump head to completely clog. Therefore, before using, make sure your product has not expired and is of reliable quality. Improper use may also cause the Lotion Pump to become clogged. Some users may apply excessive pressure or use the pump head too quickly. This causes excess fluid to be released, which the pump head may not be able to cope with well, causing blockage. The correct way to use it is to gently press the pump head to gradually release the appropriate amount of product, and slow down to avoid fast and violent pumping.
In order to avoid clogging or sticking of the Lotion Pump, it is very important to maintain and maintain the pump head. Regular cleaning of the pump head is an effective way to prevent clogging. Clean the pump head with warm water and soap, making sure residue and dirt are completely removed. In addition, regular inspection and replacement of worn pump heads can also reduce the risk of blockage. It is also important to ensure that the pump head is turned off when the Lotion Pump is not in use for a while. Closing the pump head prevents air from entering the pump and causing clogging. It is also important to avoid exposing the pump head to dirt or moisture. Keeping the pump head dry and clean will help prevent any foreign matter or dirt from adhering and reduce the possibility of clogging. Although the Lotion Pump may encounter clogging or jamming during use, these problems can be minimized by paying attention to the product texture, correct usage, and regular maintenance of the pump head.

2CC smooth or ribbed 24/410 24/415 28/410 28/415 28/400 with big actuactor lotion pump
Parameter:Plastic PP / Dosage:1.9±0.3ml/T
Description:2CC smooth or ribbed 24/410 24/415 28/410 28/415 28/400 with big actuactor lotion pump

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