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Reasons Why Perfume Atomizer Can't Spray

  The hot weather in summer is when people sweat profusely, which makes people's bodies often smell sweat, so people like to spray some perfume before going out. But some people find that they can't get their perfume on when they spray it, making them especially anxious and not knowing what to do. There are many reasons why the perfume atomizer can't be sprayed out. Sometimes it doesn't spray at all, and sometimes it doesn't spray at all. Different situations are handled differently.

  If you find that the perfume atomizer does not spray any perfume when using perfume, it means that its water spray hole has been completely blocked, or the entire perfume atomizer has been damaged. At this time, you can prepare a clean toothpick or thin wire, insert it through the water spray hole of the perfume nozzle, and gently poke it with your hand to see if there is any dirt flowing out. If you try again, the perfume nozzle may return to normal.

  If there is no dirt when unclogging it with a toothpick or something, the perfume pump may be damaged and cannot be used anymore, and a new nozzle needs to be replaced. But if the perfume atomizer is not sprayed straight or directly dripping perfume, it means that it still has room to save. You can twist left and right, then use a needle to unclog the spray hole, and then press quickly and firmly. After a few tries, the fragrance nozzles can spray normally.

  Perfume is often packed in a clean glass bottle with a nozzle on the mouth and a cover on the outer layer, which can prevent the loss of the fragrance of the perfume. But the nozzle installed on it should be used with more attention. Pay attention every time you press, and do not use too much force, otherwise, it will damage its internal structure, affect its normal use, and shorten its service life.

  Perfume atomizers should also pay attention to hygiene, and usually strengthen protection. Every time you spray perfume, you can remove the outer cap of the bottle, spray the perfume directly on your wrist or behind the ear through the nozzle, reset the nozzle after spraying, and fasten the outer cap as soon as possible to prevent dust from entering the nozzle The water spray hole can prevent the water spray hole from being blocked so that it can work normally in daily life and prolong its service life.

  When using a perfume atomizer, be aware of the direction of the force. It can only be sprayed normally if a person applies force vertically. If people apply force in the wrong direction, it will cause abnormal friction between its internal parts, affecting its normal spraying function. Excessive force can also cause it to be directly damaged and can no longer be used.


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