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Why Plastic Sprayer Bottle?

  In the packaging market, although the packaging materials of cosmetic spray bottles are diversified, plastic spray bottles are the first choice for customers. Why do customers like plastic spray bottles when choosing spray bottles? Because plastic sprayer bottle has the following benefits for customers:

  1. Plastic material, lighter and more convenient to carry;

  2. Compared with the spray bottle made of glass and metal, the plastic sprayer bottle is easier to shape and make the products required by customers;

  3. The cost is relatively lower than other materials without losing the packaging grade;

  4. Compared with other materials, the spray will be relatively more delicate. Because the plastic itself is softer, the bottle body will partially contract during spraying, resulting in a counter-impact force, which makes the spraying more delicate and long;

  5. It is less likely to leak liquid. The pump head is usually made of plastic, and the spiral structure between plastic and plastic is more airtight and firm, tightly locking the air, and less prone to liquid leakage. However, the tightness of plastic and other materials is relatively poor, and other materials are silkier and not easy to reinforce;

  6. High-cost performance. Plastic sprayer bottle kills other materials in terms of cost performance.

  Of course, some chemicals with strong acidity and alkalinity are not suitable for plastic. This one is more practical and uses glass containers. Generally speaking, the plastic sprayer bottle is unlikely to be used for containing chemically active compounds.


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