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Ningbo Aobang Sprayer Co., Ltd. ( Yuyao Yunda Sprayer Co., Ltd ) was founded in 1999, which is a professional China Plastic Cap Manufacturers and wholesale Plastic Cap factory. It has accumulated a wealth of research and development experience. And the products are widely used by many major domestic comsmetics company and medicine enterprise and are also exported to the united states,France and Korea,and many other countries and regions,receiving keen appreciations from the customers.we own import一export Authority.

Our company attaches importance to the application of high and new technology, focus on the independent research and development of new technology, new process, committed to providing good products for our customers. We have an engineering technology center, an independent R&D site, and perfect R&D testing equipment, which can meet the daily R&D needs. Through the development of technological innovation activities, we have so far obtained 3 authorized invention patents and 1 utility model patent.

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Plastic Cap Industry Knowledge Extension

The plastic cap is heated and deformed, how to restore it
If it is not very strong, prepare a small bowl of water and a hair dryer to blow the deformed part with the hair dryer first, wait for the plastic to soften, correct it by hand, and then cool it with cold water, just like this, slowly correct it step by step with the above method, until it works.
1. Generally, there is a ring-shaped leak-proof ring on the inner wall of the top of the plastic cap; there are also ordinary plastic barrel covers that need to match the inner cover, so there is no need to design a leak-proof ring;
2. The lower end of the plastic cap is connected to an anti-theft ring through a tension reinforcement;
3. At the same time, on the inner wall of the anti-theft ring, there are several sheet-shaped swinging pull wings evenly distributed;
The plastic bucket lid designed in this way has the characteristics of firm sealing, good leak-proof and anti-theft performance, safe and convenient to use, can effectively prevent the liquid in the container from external pollution, and can ensure that the packaging of various liquid products meets national safety standards.

What materials are plastic caps generally made of?
In terms of material, it is generally divided into PP and PE.
PP material: It is mostly used for gas beverage bottle cap gaskets and caps. It is heat-resistant and does not deform, has high surface strength and good chemical stability. The disadvantage is that it has poor toughness and is easy to become brittle under low temperature conditions. Wear-resistant. Bottle caps of this material are mostly used for fruit wine and carbonated beverage bottle cap packaging. PE material: mostly used for hot-fill bottle caps and aseptic cold-fill bottle caps. This material is non-toxic, has good toughness and impact resistance, is also easy to form a film, is resistant to high and low temperatures, and has better environmental stress cracking performance. Well, the disadvantage is that the molding shrinkage is large and the deformation is severe. Many vegetable oils on the market, such as sesame oil in glass bottles, are mostly made of this material.
Plastic bottle caps are generally divided into gasket type and inner plug type. The production process is divided into compression molding and injection molding.

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